Your Friends Should
Hire A Virtual Assistant Too!

Refer Your Friends: Make Money

how it works

When you send someone your referral link and they sign up for a paid account, we pay you 40% of the revenue we receive from that person...FOREVER .

Here's a Sample Scenario:


You send your referral link to your friend, Billy.


Billy clicks the link, and signs up for a monthly account at $99/month.


You get paid $40!

Every month that Billy renews, we'll pay you another $40.

How Do I Sign-Up

  • An affiliate account is free with all accounts (free or paid accounts).

  • If you already have an account (free or paid), simply .

  • If you don't have an account, simply .

  • Your referral link is available inside your account (or on this page when you're logged in!)

How Do I Get Paid

We'll send you the money via Paypal We pay every month on the 30'th of the month, for the earnings of the previous month. You have to have earned $50 before we pay.

Say for example:

In March your friend signs up for a $99/year plan. You get $40. We'll pay you on April 30th.

Where Can I Put My Link?

All over the place.
  • In an email

  • On facebook

  • In your newsletter to customers

  • On Google Adwords (or Bing)

  • On your blog

  • On your website

Wherever you're probably more creative than we are.